Solomon Islands

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Solomon Islands Dive Expedition

Solomon Islands Diver Expeditions offer liveaboard in the South Pacific. Explore the pristine waters of Solomon Islands 10, 7, 3


Solomon Islands

Explore the hidden paradise of this Pacific archipelago comprising of 992 islands; there is so much to see and do in the Solomon Islands - from the diver’s paradise of diverse marine life, to the wild interiors of local village treks. Feel the spirit of adventure as you explore the Solomons; take a step back in time where the islands remain – unhurried, undeveloped, untouched and unspoiled. For the diver take a dive liveaboard cruise to explore the underwater world of the Solomnon Islands. Experience the diversity of the Pacific cultures and discover a place so different, but so Solomons...remember – the Solomons may be worlds apart, but it is only hours away. Direct flights to the Solomons are from Brisbane with connections to the out islands.