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CRUISE Vanuatu: The Untouched Paradise

Sailing charters & live aboard dive boats, including airfares from Australia or the US.
Vanuatu sailing and yacht charters, scuba diving in Vanuatu and Santo, Vanuatu live aboard diving, Million Dollar Point, President Coolidge, Tanna Island volcanoes,  South Pacific Islands sailing cruises, Vanuatu cruises gives you the best option to explore Champagne Bay, Santo and the other Vanuatu Islands. .

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Discovering Vanuatu is a rare experience. It is discovering the untouched paradise of the South Pacific. A sprinkling of 83 tropical islands from volcanic beginnings, that lie peacefully in the South Pacific Ocean. Vanuatu is known for it's romantic tropical landscape, the world's most accessible volcanoes, turquoise blue ocean with unparalleled scuba diving opportunities, and crystal clear waterfalls.

The capital, Port Vila, boasts one of the most beautiful natural harbours in the world. The town offers excellent restaurants, duty free shopping, and a colourful local market.

Sometimes called the 'timeless islands', Vanuatu is a land that is never raced, never hurried, - a gentle, peaceful place where the people and visitors alike can simply take the time to enjoy just how blessed it has been by nature.

2016 and 2017 Vanuatu Yacht Charters
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2016 Cruises in Vanuatu
We offer 7 to 12 night cruise options in Vanuatu, a tropical paradise around 3 hours from both New Zealand and Australia.

Spirit of Vanuatu - 12 Nights Santo to Santo
Departures: 7 June 2016; 12  July 2016

Santo and it’s nearby islands have Vanuatu’s tallest mountains, the South Pacific’s most  delicious beef, the world’s most beautiful beach and arguably some of the world’s most primitive villages. Plus you visit the Pentecost land diving.
Secrets of Vanuatu -  7 Nights Santo to Santo
3, 10, 17, 24, 31 May 2016; 21, 28 June 2016; 5 July 2016
Visit some of the most remote and inaccessible areas in Vanuatu and share the mystery of their culture, customs and their village life. that rarely see cruise ships or western civilization.

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Sailing Through Paradise...
It's the perfect sailing holiday; drifting through the mysterious and romantic islands of Vanuatu. Each a tropical fringed shore, completely unspoilt. Ready for you to explore and swim the warm crystal waters.

On a sailing holiday you will discover the Islands of Vanuatu that are otherwise inaccessible.

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If you are not into sailing, or cruising in Vanuatu. and you are looking for a resort style holiday, be it a Honeymoon, a Couples package, Diving or a Family holiday with kids, then visit our Vanuatu holidays site.

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Espiritu Santo

diver2.jpg (228728 bytes)Vanuatu has rich lush tropical rainforests, volcanoes, sparkling blue lagoons, cascading waterfalls and beaches that range from silky white to volcanic black. Surrounding the land is a magic sea of aqua and dark blues with a fascinating underwater world of colourful tropical fish that live amongst magnificent coral reef formations.

A tropical paradise, only three hours from Sydney, Vanuatu means 'the land that has always existed'. It is made up of 83 islands formed in a Y-shaped archipelago which stretches over some 800kms of the Pacific Ocean, half way between Australia and Hawaii.

Formerly called the New Hebrides, Vanuatu is a mecca for those who love diving. The waters surrounding these beautiful islands provide some of the most spectacular and varied underwater exploration in the South Pacific and experienced divers come from all over the world to swim amongst the WW2 wrecks which lie scattered over the seabed.

One island in Vanuatu, more than any other, attracts divers like a magnet. Espiritu Santo. The island that inspired James A. Michener to write his classic 'South Pacific'.

To visit Espiritu Santo is a fascinating experience in history alone. The World War II Dakotas and Quonset huts that are scattered in the thick tropical jungle serve as silent reminders of the American occupation of the island. This jungle is now only home to the local tribes who appear out of nowhere to sell their artefacts to visitors.diver.jpg (166914 bytes)

But it is the surrounding waters of Espiritu Santo that make this such an attraction. The mecca for all divers, the US President Coolidge lies fully intact just off the island and remains the most accessible wartime wreck in the world. A wreck that offers remarkable dives to all parts of the ship ranging from 60ft to 250ft.

Just a short distance away is Million Dollar Point, where the US Army dumped hundreds of tons of war surplus before they evacuated Espiritu Santo. Now you can dive down to the awesome sight of millions of 7up and Coke bottles lined up along the bottom of the sea and marvel at the myriad of tropical sea life making its home among the planes, jeeps and bulldozers. To learn more about Santo click here.


Pentecost Island- A tradition in paradise
Every year, during the months of April and May, a very special cultural tradition takes place on the island of Pentecost.

It is a death-defying leap by the Pentecost village men to celebrate and bless the yam crop. Before leaping from a 30 metre tower, vines are tied to their legs which miraculously jerk them up just millimetres from the ground and certain death.

This remarkable festival is an age old ceremony, unchanged over the years, with the rituals strictly adhered to.  You can read about this incredible event and even see it on video or film but nothing can match the experience of actually being there. There is no visitor accommodation in South Pentecost so one must either fly in on a day trip or, rarely, there is an opportunity to stay overnight on a charter boat in a secluded bay. As many as 25 jumps may be performed in a day from one tower and as the height of the jumps increases (up to 35 metres) so does the tempo of the traditionally dressed men and women dancing and chanting alongside. The atmosphere is electric, the experience unforgettable.pentecost.jpg (318105 bytes)

It has been only in recent years that visitors have been invited to share the thrill of the Pentecost leap. Travel arrangements can and should be made up to six months before the dive dates.

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