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Packing Your Bags
On a bed, stack the clothes that you think will be best for the climate you will be cruising in, then cut the stack in half. In other words, travel light.
Pack in two small soft duffels (thereís no storage on a boat for hard luggage) and take at least one on your flight as a carry-on, just in case there is a lost luggage incident.
If you wear eyeglasses, bring an extra pair and straps for both. Be sure to bring any prescription drugs you need and check with your doctor to make sure your medication is not sun sensitive. A good sun lotion with an SPF of at least 15 is important. Test before hand that you have no allergic reaction to it.
Bring your music, as your boat will have a CD player. Most charter boats have hand bearing compasses, binoculars and snorkel gear. Bring yours if you have a preference.
And donít forget:
beach towels
light clothing that will provide protection from the sun & a tracksuit or warm clothing for the evenings
polarised sunglasses (essential for seeing fringing reefs)
footwear - old pair of sneakers are ideal

sailing gloves
broad brimmed hat
camera and film
cash/travellers checks
your airline ticket and passport!

Visit http://www.cruisetonga.com for the only comprehensive cruising guide for the Kingdom of Tonga

South Pacific Organiser: http://www.southpacific.org  personal website of travel writer David Stanley

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