Frequently Asked Questions

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How big is the ship?
She is a large wooden square rigger 145 ft long, 25ft 6 ins wide, 98 ft high masts, 19th century brigantine rig; traditionally and comfortably furnished below decks and with many of today's modern conveniences.

How many crew?
12 professional crew: Captain; First Officer; Second Officer; Medical Officer; Purser; Engineer; Cook; Bosun; & Deck hands.

What does the price include/exclude?
Includes berth aboard the vessel and three meals per day whilst on board. Does not include transport to or from the ship, any alcohol or soft drinks purchased from the bar aboard.

Am I too old/young?
Age range is from 16 years to 85 years; as long as you are in good health and want a participatory type holiday. Will on occasions take children, but have to be accompanied by adult, preferable parent.

I have never sailed on a ship before, will I find it difficult or feel left out?
You do not have to have any sailing experience beforehand to enjoy a sailing holiday aboard. A large number of voyagers have never stepped on a sailing ship before. Others have had a lot of experience, some owning their own yachts. However very few will have sailed a square rigger. The ship's professional crew are there to guide you and assist you at all times.

The guests (or voyagers) are encouraged to participate in all aspects of sailing the ship, under the guidance of the professional crew. This is the unique opportunity the ship offers. The more the guests participate, the more it will enhance enjoyment of your holiday. However life on deck is not very physically demanding. Note; nothing is compulsory and the choice is yours to decide how little or much you wish to join in. However if you want to sit and do nothing for the whole holiday then this is not a holiday we would recommend.

Due to the nature of the voyages we are able to offer alternative types of holidays:

  1. The longer sea passages are aimed at the adventurous guests who wish to experience blue water sailing on a square rigger. The ship will be sailing continuously until she arrives at the next chain of Pacific islands, hence the Voyagers will be able to experience a number of night sailings.You will however, spend time exploring the islands you visit en route. It is advisable that guests joining this type of voyage are prepared to participate in most aspects of sailing the vessel including the night watches.
  2. Cruises, once the vessel is in amongst a chain of islands are designed to be more leisurely, with the emphasis on exploring the various islands, snorkelling, lazing on beaches as well as the sailing. Often the ship anchors overnight in a harbour or lagoon.



What do I need to pack?

After booking has been confirmed and deposit received a handbook is issued which includes suggested packing list,
deck plan, accommodation layout, sail plan, medical information, history of the ship and nautical terminology.

How long are the voyages?
They vary in length. Guests may join for a two or five day NZ voyages or 10 day or 16 day Pacific voyages. The voyages are broken up into numbered "legs" and guests may book one leg or combine a number together. When joining a number of legs,guests are often allowed to stay on board at no additional cost for the days between voyages. (An exception is when the vessel is under maintenance when guests are asked to find their own accommodation ashore). Please ask at time of booking.

How long has this ship operated with the present owners?
Since 1978 - family owner /operators Captain Tony Davies and his wife Fleur. Whilst under the Davies' ownership the ship has circumnavigated the world and has covered over 160,000 nautical miles.

During the winter of 1993 whilst the vessel was in England, the vessel underwent a seven month complete refit and refurbishment of the accommodation deck, incorporating English oak, walnut and elm panelling and flooring. The main accommodation below decks is therefore new as of April 1993.


Maximum, 22 guests, accommodated in seven twin berth cabins & two four berth cabins. Some twin cabins have wash basins. Twin berth cabins may be reserved at time of booking, there is no extra charge, but are available on a first serve basis. Duvets and bedding are supplied by the ship, but we ask guests to bring their own towels.


Shared facilities include fresh hot water showers, 220 - 230 volt AC & 24 volt DC electricity. We are able to charge up video recorder batteries as long as guests bring their own adaptors. Please note that the ship is fitted with standard British three pin plugs.

Recreational Facilities:

Include large comfortable saloon, library, snorkelling equipment, sailboard, various fishing tackle, various musical instruments and
 numerous board games. Those interested can take instruction in navigation and use of sextant.

Health / Fitness:

Although fitness is an advantage, people with disabilities will be accepted, subject to a completed medical questionnaire being approved by our Medical Officer.
Our ship's cook is able to cater for vegetarians, and/or any other special dietary requirements as long as we are informed at time of booking.

Areas of Cruising:

New Zealand. Cruises to the South Pacific islands of Tahiti, Cook Islands, Samoa, Tonga, Fiji, Vanuatu and New Caledonia.
Hotel Accommodation/Flights:
 We are happy to assist with airfares & hotel accommodation prior to or after a voyage if required. See  Hideaway Holiday's web site for more details regarding this.


The ship has a small bar aboard and bar bills can be paid at the end of the voyage.They accept all major credit cards.


There is a select range of quality souvenirs available aboard the ship including, postcards, sweatshirts, polo shirts & hats all with ship's logo and name embroidered on.