As world-wide destinations go, nothing can top the remote islands of Papua New Guinea.

Outer Edge Adventures in collaboration with Paradise Adventures present our Silver Discoverer packages to explore pristine, idyllic and mesmerising South Pacific literariness! Please have a scroll through this page to understand everything about the all inclusive cruise! Flights and accommodation is included if you received the special email newsletter! Contact us on 02 8799 2500 for any questions!

A colourful patchwork of tropical landscapes, rich with culture and character, these magical islands are an emotional explosion for any traveller. From village-wide welcomes and fire dances, to sandy lagoons and Catholic missions, this adventure laced with new destinations will change your life forever

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The Y-shaped country of Vanuatu has 82 islands, while the Solomon Islands consist of close to 1000 islands (one hundred of them inhabited) –and almost all islands have different cultures. The colourfully mesmerising coral reefs and crystal-clear lagoons filled with tropical fish of Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands are truly a diver’s paradise. The underwater wonders are only one part of this expedition, as it is also a great cultural voyage. From the capitals of the two countries to the lesser-visited and outer islands we will see a great variety of historical sites, cultures, customs and objects.

Expedition Highlights:

Enjoy the underwater view of indigenous tropical fish, feather stars, nudibranches, vase sponges, Gorgonian fans, octopus, morays and dolphins Dive into Marovo Lagoon –on the tentative list for UNESCO World Heritage Discover Mbike Island and the surrounding waters Marvel at Njari Island’s underwater variety and relax on Champagne each
Birders will be on the lookout for Ospreys, Brahminy Kites and kingfishers Watch the mesmerising Rom dance on Ambrym

Day 1 — Honiara, Solomon Islands

Embark the Silver Discoverer for this stunning Silversea Expedition – Treasures of Melanesia. This afternoon, you will be introduced to your Expedition Team and attend a safety briefing. Tonight we invite you to familiarise ourself with your new home away from home, meet some of your fellow travellers and enjoy the first of many memorable meals in The Restaurant. 

Day 2 — Lumalihe Island, Marovo Lagoon, Solomon Islands

Marovo Lagoon is one of the world’s largest saltwater lagoons. Described by American author James A. Michener as “one of the seven natural wonders of the world”, Marovo is home to a double barrier reef system, and is one of two sites in the Solomon’s currently under consideration for UNESCO World Heritage Site status.Though residents of Marovo Lagoon normally do not dance (the Seventh-day Adventist Church had banned it as they believed dancing to be sinful), we hope to see some demonstration of local handicraft, and hear some of their songs.Diving or snorkelling close to the entrance of the lagoon will expose incredible reef drop-offs that are characterised by gorgonian fan forests, black coral gardens, giant clams, sea turtles, manta rays, eels, barracuda, octopus, morays, grey whaler sharks (also known as grey reef sharks), lionfish and shoals of pelagic fish.Meanwhile, bird-watchers can look for osprey, Brahminy Kite and kingfisher, in the forests on one of the many surrounding islands.The Marovo Lagoon residents are quite famous for their woodcarvings and we hope to see some of the intricately carved and adorned artefacts –hoping to be able to buy some as well.

Day 3 — Mbike Island, Solomon Islands

Be out on deck in the early morning as we approach the Sandfly Passage to reach Mbike, a small privately owned island between Mbokonimbeti Island and Nggela Sule (in the Florida Islands).Once we reach Mbike you will see that huge trees give shade and a picture-perfect little beach will invite you to swim and snorkel, while the Extensive coral reef ecosystems, teeming tropical fish and exceptional dive sites beckon our divers as well. The snorkelling might show feather stars and colourful nudibranches, vase sponges and gorgonian fans, lionfish and octopus -all part of this truly remarkable marine environment.If conditions permit, our Galley Team will want to offer a barbecue ashore. A Zodiac cruise into nearby Roderick Bay will be offered. 

Day 4 — Port Mary, Santa Ana, Solomon Islands

Today Silver Discoverer will enter Port Mary, the bay in front of Ghupuna, Santa Ana’s main village. We will have a short Zodiac ride onto a beautiful white sand beach with huge shade-giving trees. Once ashore you will notice the very tidy village with its houses made of local materials built on stilts.After a short welcome on the beach we will head to the sports ground where we will be entertained by traditional songs and dances by members of the three different villages on Santa Ana (Owaraha in the local language).Islanders will have set up several stands with souvenirs, ranging from traditional shell money to fishing floats and different carvings based on local stories and legends.In the afternoon Silver Discoverer will continue eastward. Let our lecturers introduce you to our next destination. 

Day 5 — Nembao Village, Utupua Island, Solomon Islands

This morning Silver Discoverer will enter the deep bay on Utupua’s western side. Nembao, one of the main villages on the island, will be our host this day. After a short Zodiac ride we will land on the sandy beach next to the village’s centre.We will be welcomed and attend a presentation of traditional dances and songs.A good way to have a look at how these Solomon Islanders live is to walk along the beach and look at the houses, fishing canoes and small plantations. If tide and time permits we might take our Zodiacs to explore the mangrove-lined shores further into the bay looking for birdlife and mudskippers.Day 6 — Champagne Beach, Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu

During the morning Silver Discoverer will approach Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu’s largest island. The European name goes back to the early 17th century when Pedro de Quiroz believed to have reached the famous “Tierra Australis Incognita”, the unknown southern land, which he called “La Austrialia del Espiritu Santo”.

We will pass Big Bay, where the Spaniards tried to settle, to reach Hog Harbor and Champagne Beach. Once we will have cleared into Vanuatu, you will be able to enjoy one of the finest beaches of Vanuatu. You can relax under huge fish poison trees and Alexandrian laurel giving cooling shade or swim and snorkel in the crystal-clear water.

We hope to see and hear one of the most unusual music groups of Vanuatu –the Water Music Women. Standing in a half-circle in the water, they produce their music using the hands, moving them through the water in different ways.

Day 7 — Ambrym, Vanuatu

In the early morning Silver Discoverer will be in front of Ambrym’s west coast. Unlike Espiritu Santo with its raised coral reefs and white sand, Ambrym is a volcanic and active (!) island with dark beaches.Ambrym is known as the island of magic and of the 113 local language of Vanuatu 5 alone are spoken on Ambrym –apart from Bislama, one of the three official languages of the country.We will go ashore in Ranon to have a look at the local community and see the very special Rom dance. Normally these dances are only shown during grade-taking ceremonies or men’s secret society meetings and on those occasions the participants actually prepare their masks and costumes in secrecy.Apart from the mesmerising Rom dance we will be entertained by one of the local string bands and hope to see some of Vanuatu’s sand drawings. Although some might simply see them as aesthetically pleasing drawings, UNESCO has recognised them as a local “writing” system and inscribed them on the Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.This evening our Captain will invite you to the Captain’s Farewell cocktail, while the Executive Chef and Restaurant Manager will expect you for the Captain’s Farewell dinner.Our on-board Photographer/Videographer will present his/her Voyage-DVD, permitting you to re-live the many moments of encounters with the local communities, the excursions taken and the animals and plants seen above and below the water.

Day 8 — Port Vila, Vanuatu

Following breakfast, disembark Silver Discoverer.

Expedition highlights and wildlife listed here are possible experiences only and cannot be guaranteed. Your Expedition Leader and Captain will work together to ensure opportunities for adventure and exploration are the best possible, taking into account the prevailing weather and wildlife activity. Expedition Team members scheduled for this voyage are subject to change or cancellation.

Escape is a luxury Perry 43 catamaran, built by Bryan Perry from the Gold Coast, Australia.

The vessel was specifically built for expedition sailing and is customised for providing those that sail aboard her with comfort and luxury while exploring forgotten , uncharted destinations.

          Escape's Features:

  • Wireless internet
  • Through yacht sound system
  • Large screen TV with large selection of digital movies
  • Satellite phone with free texting to anywhere in world
  • Rear deck BBQ
  • Custom cockpit 'Escape Turtle' veneered champagne fridge!
  • Water maker (RO system)


SV Escape Layout



Escape is a luxury Perry 43 catamaran, built by Bryan Perry from the Gold Coast, Australia. The vessel was specifically built for expedition sailing and is customised for providing those that sail aboard her with comfort and luxury while exploring forgotten , uncharted destinations. Escape has 4 cabins, (2 queen berths and 2 double berths). There are 2 toilet/ showers with vacuum flushing freshwater toilets (similar to aeroplane toilets).The Galley is well set out for entertaining and meal preparation with gas hotplates, microwave oven and large fridge and freezer.The saloon is comfortable with a leather sofa and table for 6-8 for formal meals. Entertainment is provided with wireless internet (where Vanuatu's 3g system permits), onboard phone, large screen TV with selection of digital movies and bluetooth music that you can pipe from your handheld device through the onboard sound system.

Rendezvous is a luxury 60 ft Fontaine Pajot Catamaran (Eleuthera).

Rendezvous has been designed for luxury live aboard cruising.Rendezvous will take you to all our exclusive destinations in comfort.

Rendezvous' Features:

3 large guest cabins (with en suite bathrooms)
TV and sound system
Fully air conditioned
Aft deck BBQ

Rendezvous is a luxury 60 ft Fontaine Pajot Catamaran (Eleuthera). Rendezvous has been designed for luxury live aboard cruising. Rendezvous will take you to all our exclusive destinations in comfort.

The yacht is very spacious with both indoor and outdoor dining areas. Each cabin has its own en suite bathroom. Rendezvous is air conditioned throughout.

Snorkeling, fishing and water sports gear is provided onboard.

Rendezvous is able to take up to 30 passengers for day trips, and is optimised to take 6 guests for offshore cruising in 3 cabins.

For luxury with expansive space Rendezvous will sail you around the archipelago of Vanuatu in style.

Come and explore Vanuatu's magical untouched archipelago of over 80 coral fringed, rainforest clad islands on a sailing adventure with Yacht Charters Vanuatu. You will experience Island life and culture as it was before white settlers.

At Yacht Charters Vanuatu, our courteous staff will cater from your every need from picking you up at the international airport to preparing and provisioning your yacht so that when you arrive all there is to do is to climb on board for a relaxing beverage and enjoy the adventure!We have extensive local knowledge of the Vanuatu Islands and our cruises will take you to all the best spots including diving/snorkelling, volcanoes, white sandy beaches and lush rainforests.Yacht Charters Vanuatu has over 20 years sailing experience, so you are good hands!

Islanders living in grass huts, fishing their bays in dugout canoes and using the traditional kustom (witch doctor magic) you will see lifestyles that many thought did not exist in the 21st century.At Yacht Charters Vanuatu we pride ourselves on giving our guests a luxury boating experience and inclusive tourism experiences they will never forget. Sailing in Vanuatu never looked this good! From the booking experience, to personal airport transfers, amazing food and beautiful surroundings, Yacht Charters Vanuatu will take care of every detail to ensure your sailing adventure is like none you have ever experienced.Made up of 83 small islands, Vanuatu is an untouched, hidden gem of the South Pacific Islands. The largest of the islands is Espiritu Santo and the capital Port Vila is found on the island of Efate.This incredible ancient land of volcanoes, hidden bays and beaches, art and dance, underwater ship wrecks and waterfalls is bound to surprise you with it's beauty.The perfect location, and the best way to experience it is through Yacht Charters Vanuatu luxury sailing adventure.From the time you arrive in Vanuatu, the Yacht Charters Vanuatu friendly, experienced staff will care of everything.They have extensive local knowledge and can arrange any extra touches required for your trip e.g. dive equipment, beverages.Our chef will provide all your meals so all you need to do is relax and enjoy the spectacular islands. 




Horizon: a dream of a boat, now cruising the islands of Vanuatu.

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After the adrenaline charged hours of heart-pounding, palm-sweating battle with splendid blue water monsters, you’ll enjoy a relaxing time having a beer or soft drink and a delicious snack or meal in the luxuriously appointed lounge and fully equipped galley and why not take a nap or a have a good night of sleep in our spacious 2 cabins.

Her glossy and spacious interior turns Horizon into the ideal leisure cruise boat for 4 to 7 people. In addition to the cabins with their 5 beds, the lounge sofas are convertible to allow 2 persons sleeping.

Serge Crusot, the French born captain of Horizon will share with enthusiasm his passion for the ocean and for the exhilarating sport that is fishing.

Serge has devoted huge amount of time to fishing and has practiced his passion in the waters of Pacific, Indian Ocean and Atlantic.

His second passion being for good food and wine (remember, he is French!), you’ll not be surprised if you taste delicious food and well chosen wines on board.

Whatever you desire, whether you are a first time angler or accomplished fisherman, looking for relaxation or for the catch of your life, be sure that they’ll spare no expense to ensure that your game fishing adventure or your leisure cruise will be one to be remembered.

Pricing for private charter in Australian prices are subject to change without notice exVT 74/U.65 07.02.09
Vessel is surveyed for up to 8 guests on board, but for maximum live-aboard comfort we recommend 4/5 guests. 

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All live aboard charters can be packaged with airfares from Australia or the US to Vanuatu, including pre/post charter hotel accommodation.

Let us package your entire holiday to Vanuatu, saving you time & money! Packages include airfares, the yacht charter or dive cruise, and any pre/post cruise hotel accommodation that you require.

Design Your Own Cruise

We are happy to design an adventure just for you and your party. Tell us what you would like to do, how much time you have available, and we will work out the best way to meet your requirements.

Exiting New Vanuatu Cruises: From May to October aboard a luxury expedition cruise ship. Maximum of 20 guests & a crew of 8. 5 & 10 night cruises include luxury accommodation, all onboard chef prepared meals, premium wine with dinner, juices, water, exclusive shore excursions, snorkel equipment, kayaks and small boat exploration, onboard expedition leader, fishing equipment and guides. A full bar service is available.

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Explore beautiful Vanuatu Hiking volcanoes, kayaking deserted islands, snorkelling untouched reefs, scuba dive some of the best sites in the world, or experiencing unique local village cultures.

Silentworld dive boat and adventure cruises in Vanuatu, MV Silent One, Vanuatu scuba diving, Vanuatu live aboard dive boats, diving the President Coolidge and Million Dollar Point in Santo.

Complete air inclusive packages from Australia and the US.

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Let us package your entire holiday to Vanuatu, saving you time & money!

Packages include airfares, the cruise, and any pre/post cruise hotel accommodation that you require.

Vanuatu Airfare & Pre/Post Cruise Hotel Specials.

Paradise Adventures works directly with the Owner’s representatives for the Charter and Management of MASTEKA 2.

The MASTEKA 2 is one of the most elegant designs to come from Kha Shing luxury motor yachts. In fact, it’s clean lines, Dubois styling, and the capacity for melding decadence and adventure propel it into the royalty class of superyachts.For connoisseurs of yachting, we announce with pride that the MASTEKA 2 will be reigning supreme in the South Pacific for 2017-18. Just for trivia’s sake, the 37-metre sea craft was nominated for the Superyacht of The Year in 2009. The superyacht will be touring New Caledonia and introducing travelers to beaches, dive spots, sights and sounds privy to a lucky few in the globe.



MASTEKA 2 will be based in Sydney from September to February. Till then, the superyacht will be available for corporate event charters or for extended periods. Post February 2018, she cruises the Fiji Islands from May through September. This year, she is the only superyacht to be available for charter in New Caledonia!

Call our reservations team for additional information and bookings on +02 8799 2500

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Cruise Description:

The chance to experience seaborne travel from a bygone age is extremely rare. No previous experience is necessary to become part of the ship's crew for a voyage of a few days, weeks or even months.

You will have the opportunity to participate in sail training aboard an authentic square rigger. Alongside the professional crew you can stand watches, take the helm, handle lines, raise sail and let the routines of a sailing ship take you to a slower and more relaxed era.

Suitable for all ages and equally ideal for singles or couples seeking to relive the romantic age of the clipper ship


The South Pacific with its enchanting islands, colourful history, rich and ancient customs and warm hospitable people, stirs the mind and excites the imagination.
Remote, unspoiled atolls accessible only by sea is the stuff of escapists' dreams.

We sail in the wake of Cook and Bougainville, harnessing the trade winds to transit the oceans, ensuring the best weather the whole year round. From May to November explore this untouched paradise with 10to 18 night voyages through the Pacific.

You can choose the thrill and challenge of a deep ocean voyage, with excitement of blue water sailing and moonlit passage. With total involvement in the ship there's time to master the rig, become confident aloft or learn something of ocean navigation.

Or you can take a more leisurely island voyage, day sailing through an idyllic cruising paradise, still participating but at whatever level you enjoy.

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Berth prices are inclusive of all meals, accommodation, snorkel gear, boats and safety equipment.

As travel wholesalers we can offer you air inclusive packages from Australia or the US to any of the South Pacific Islands.

In addition, we can package your above cruise with pre/post charter hotel accommodation throughout the South Pacific at very competitive rates, saving you time & money!

Please Email us your departure city for an air inclusive quote

Island Escape Cruises Vanuatu and New Zealand, South Pacific cruises, Vanuatu sailing, Vanuatu islands vacations, Vanuatu cruise ships. On board the Island Passage, you’ll discover the perfectly formed luxury travel experience. The cruises in New Zealand and Vanuatu are designed to provide the glamour and exclusivity of luxury private motor-yacht cruising, along with an appealing dash of soft adventure. Come along and join us.

Vanuatu is a tropical paradise around 3 hours from both New Zealand and Australia. Espiritu Santo, Vanuatujust the name is enough to put a faraway look in your eye.

Named by Portuguese explorer Pedro Fernandes de Queirós, this island is the largest in the archipelago. It has the Vanuatu’s tallest mountains, the South Pacific’s most delicious beef and the world’s most beautiful beach.

Mountainous and exotically beautiful, Santo has done much for the mystique of the South Pacific.  It embraces two contrasting tropical worlds: the western side of the island is wild and untamed with tall volcanic peaks and thick jungle, while the eastern side is a gentle paradise of lush farmland and coral coast. 

Santo produces copra, cocoa and coffee.  It is also famous for its premium beef.


If you long for a mix of adventure and seclusion, big wreck scuba diving and lazy afternoon hammock siestas, marlin fishing and poolside candlelit dinners, private beachfront snorkelling and fine table wines, tropical rainforest walks and air-conditioned private bungalows, then Bokissa Island is the place for you!

Scuba Diving from Bokissa:

Two resort dive-boats exclusive to Bokissa giving access to 18 dive sites in the area. Helicopter exploration fly-drive trips.

Wreck dives-SS President Coolidge- World's largest accessible wreck dive 6km away. Million Dollar Point - WWII relics. USS Tucker-WWII Stainless Steel Destroyer. MV Henry Bonneaud- the best night wreck dives only 200m from the island

Diver training- full PADI open water up to divemaster, TDI nitrox courses. Pro Shop and the latest dive gear for hire and for sale.

The Resort offers:

  • A stunning white sand beach
  • A maximum of 40-45 guests at any one time. No TV's, no telephones
  • 175 acres of unspoilt tropical rainforest and palm-fringed beaches
  • Absolutely private beach frontage (rarely found in Vanuatu)
  • 15 individual fares, all with beach views, ensuites, rainwater, hot showers, fridge, minibar, hairdryers, and tea & coffee making facilities
  • Walk out of your fare and off the beach snorkelling
  • 25m fresh water swimming pool with swim up bar, large upper pool deck, waterfall and relaxing teak recliners
  • Full a-la-carte/buffet restaurant & kitchen, seafood and island cuisine a specialty
  • Fully stocked wine cellar and bar
  • Baby-sitting services
  • Extensive rainwater collection systems for drinking and personal use
  • Ocean Kayak exploration of the islands
  • Para sailing & wave runner hire
  • Many day tours of the surrounding islands and exploration of virgin rainforests and caves
  • Exclusive Outer Island Wedding Chapel with bride's arrival by outrigger canoe
  • Fully inclusive wedding packages

We recommend a stay at Bokissa either before or after your sailing charter.

Let us package your entire holiday to Vanuatu, saving you time & money! Packages include airfares, the yacht charter or dive cruise, and any pre/post cruise hotel accommodation that you require.

Vanuatu airfare & pre/post cruise hotel specials


On a sailing holiday you will discover the Islands of Vanuatu that are otherwise inaccessible.

No Sailing Experience Required!


Espiritu Santo Pentecost Island- A tradition in paradise



Santo is only a one hour flight from Port Vila, and is serviced by Vanair. Vanuatu's largest island, is 4010 km in size, and is fascinating in its diversity.

Espiritu Santo

Santo is only a one hour flight from Port Vila, and is serviced by Vanair. Vanuatu's largest island, is 4010 km in size, and is fascinating in its diversity. In Luganville, the second biggest town in Vanuatu, there is a quiet pace of life. A variety of reasonably priced accommodation, a number of restaurants and stores line the frontier style main street.

Scuba divers are drawn by the world famous wrecks and spectacular marine life. During WWII the 30,000 ton line 'President Coolidge' sank in the Santo Harbour after striking a mine and still lies structurally intact in between 25 & 60 metres of water.

This largest accessible shipwreck for scuba divers in the world, together with the 'USS Tucker', Million Dollar Point, shark feeding dives and many pristine reef sites make it a divers dream.

Due to its size and its mountains, Santo has the greatest expanses of original rainforest and is home to colourful butterflies, tropical birds and beautiful orchids. Huge Kauri trees remain in the mountainous forests of the southwest.

The Big Bay Conservation area in the north was the first National Park ever created in Vanuatu and is a must if you like the natural splendour of the rainforest, and enjoy bushwalking. Natural spots of great beauty include the stunning Champagne Beach, in the north and the deep, crystal clear Blue Hole whose cool spring water is a bright azure colour and is great for a refreshing dip.

Santo was also famous as a military base during World War II, when up to 100,000 soldiers were based in Luganville. Left behind were many buildings, a total of four airstrip and coral roads which are still in use today.

Stunning Champagne Beach-Santo


We highly recommend Bokissa Island, Vanuatu's Exclusive Outer Island Experience.

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Banks & Torres are the northernmost islands of Vanuatu, and are primarily volcanic. The principal ones, Gaua and Vanua Lava, still have active volcanoes.

Vanua Lava,

- with its 1400 inhabitants is the provincial capital. Its most dramatic sights are Waterfall Bay on the west coast and its semi active volcano Mt Sere'ama.

Mota Lava

- the most populated island of the Banks group. The local culture is still very much alive. Tranquil Rah Island, off the SE coast has white sand beaches and impressive rock formations.

Gaua has a stunning landscape with an active volcano which towers over a crater lake. The ascent to the crater lake (approx 4 hrs) is suitable for fit walkers. From here, Mt Garat (797m high) is easily accessible after a canoe trip across the beautiful sulphur coloured waters of Lake Letes. This overflows into an impressive waterfall some 4 hours walk from the crater lake. Gaua has had at least 13 eruptions from Mt. Garat since 1963.

The Torres group include six main islands with dazzling white sand beaches. It is home to the sought-after coconut crab which is in danger of extinction.


On a sailing holiday you will discover the Islands of Vanuatu that are otherwise inaccessible.


Let us package your entire holiday to Vanuatu, saving you time & money! Packages include airfares, the yacht charter or dive cruise, and any pre/post cruise hotel accommodation that you require.

Vanuatu airfare & pre/post cruise hotel specials


Experience an unparalleled scuba diving and sailing adventure…

Samoa - Tonga - Fiji - Vanuatu - New Zealand

Discover island cultures – immerse in local customs

See the remote wilderness of the beautiful South Pacific Ocean…All from the vantage point of a 36 meter sailing expedition vessel.

This is NOT your regular cruise. This is a community based voyage for adventurous and active people of all ages and walks of life. If you enjoy sailing, love our living planet, and appreciate community and friendship then this is probably for you.

Highlights include:

- scuba diving and snorkeling
- sail and seamanship training
- surfing and other water sports 
- wilderness hiking and exploring 
- beach clean-ups and sunbathing
- relaxing yoga
- cooking and tasting delicious local food
- laughing and hanging out with newfound friend

TAMANU... ON THE BEACH Unspoiled, Uncrowded, Unsurpassed

Situated 15 km from Port Vila the resort is set in five acres of lush tropical gardens bordering on a pristine white sand beach and the Pacific Ocean.

The Club offers simple, yet luxurious plantation cottages built in the French colonial style with verandas angled to face the sea, shuttered windows and garden bathrooms set in coral. The bedrooms are large, airy and cooled by overhead fans and on-shore breezes.

The restaurant overlooks the beach, and is renowned for fresh distinctive cuisinetamanubeach2.jpg (365848 bytes) emphasising the excellent local seafood, beef, and exotic fruits, and is complimented by an extensive wine selection.


The ambience is relaxed, yet sophisticated. Guests are encouraged to linger over lunches, sip sunset cocktails and recline on the resort's secluded beach. For the more active, golf, tennis, kayaking, croquet, riding, scuba diving and game fishing are available on request.

We would suggest combining your sailing holiday with a stay prior to or after your sailing adventure at this intimate hotel.

Let us package your entire holiday to Vanuatu, saving you time & money! Packages include airfares, the yacht charter or dive cruise, and any pre/post cruise hotel accommodation that you require.

Vanuatu airfare & pre/post cruise hotel specials

To combine a stay at Tamanu with a sailing holiday in Vanuatu, click here for more details.

Including Tahiti, Pitcairn Island, Tonga, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Australia, Fiji, and Vanuatu. 

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South Pacific Island cruises, Coral Princess Cruises- Melanesia cruising to Vanuatu, New Caledonia, and Solomon Islands Expedition Cruising aboard the Oceanic Discoverer.

The Coral Princess Fleet

Expedition style cruise ships are large enough to provide all the comforts of larger cruise ships, yet small enough to enable us to access reef and island sites inaccessible to other vessels.

Oceanic Discoverer

 A new luxury expedition vessel launched in 2005 carries 72 passengers in 36 cabins. 

Coral Princess

An ever popular ship 35 metres in length carries just 50 passengers. She is based on the Barrier Reef for 6 months of the year, and then undertakes cruise itineraries in the Kimberley region.

Coral Princess II

Also 35 metres in length with a maximum of 46 guests. Enjoy a personal and intimate experience all year round on the Great Barrier Reef. 

13, 14, or 15 night Melanesia Discovery Cruises New Caledonia - Vanuatu - Solomon Islands - Rabaul (PNG)

Expedition cruising to New Zealand's Bay of Islands aboard Oceanic Discoverer- Enjoy 5 night cruises between Auckland & Bay of Islands, or 12 nights between Auckland & Milford Sound.

Kimberley Program- Oceanic Discoverer & Coral Princess, Darwin/Broome. 



*Prices are per person double/twin share. All meals are included, morning and afternoon tea, tea and coffee, post-mix soft drink, as well as all shore excursions, presentations by guest lecturers, and snorkelling. Alcohol is at an additional cost.



Cruise Vanuatu: The Untouched Paradise Sailing charters & live aboard dive boats, including airfares from Australia or the US. Vanuatu sailing and yacht charters, scuba diving in Vanuatu and Santo, Vanuatu live aboard diving, Million Dollar Point, President Coolidge, Tanna Island volcanoes, South Pacific Islands sailing cruises, Vanuatu cruises gives you the best option to explore Champagne Bay, Santo and the other Vanuatu Islands. .

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Sailing Through Paradise...

Discovering Vanuatu is a rare experience. It is discovering the untouched paradise of the South Pacific. A sprinkling of 83 tropical islands from volcanic beginnings, that lie peacefully in the South Pacific Ocean. Vanuatu is known for it's romantic tropical landscape, the world's most accessible volcanoes, turquoise blue ocean with unparalleled scuba diving opportunities, and crystal clear waterfalls.

The capital, Port Vila, boasts one of the most beautiful natural harbours in the world. The town offers excellent restaurants, duty free shopping, and a colourful local market.

Sometimes called the 'timeless islands', Vanuatu is a land that is never raced, never hurried, - a gentle, peaceful place where the people and visitors alike can simply take the time to enjoy just how blessed it has been by nature.

It's the perfect sailing holiday; drifting through the mysterious and romantic islands of Vanuatu. Each a tropical fringed shore, completely unspoilt. Ready for you to explore and swim the warm crystal waters.


On a sailing holiday you will discover the Islands of Vanuatu that are otherwise inaccessible.

Vanuatu holiday and travel specials - Resort Packages.

If you are not into sailing, or cruising in Vanuatu. and you are looking for a resort style holiday, be it a Honeymoon, a Couples package, Diving or a Family holiday with kids, then visit our Vanuatu holidays site

Visit our new web site now for instant pricing on bareboat & crewed yacht charters, live aboard dive boats, and boutique cruise ships. Save time and money by booking your entire holiday with us. We can package your yacht charter or cruise complete with discounted airfares and pre/post charter hotel accommodation.

Vanuatu Map: