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Cruise Description:

The chance to experience seaborne travel from a bygone age is extremely rare. No previous experience is necessary to become part of the ship's crew for a voyage of a few days, weeks or even months.

You will have the opportunity to participate in sail training aboard an authentic square rigger. Alongside the professional crew you can stand watches, take the helm, handle lines, raise sail and let the routines of a sailing ship take you to a slower and more relaxed era.

Suitable for all ages and equally ideal for singles or couples seeking to relive the romantic age of the clipper ship

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The South Pacific with its enchanting islands, colourful history, rich and ancient customs and warm hospitable people, stirs the mind and excites the imagination.
Remote, unspoiled atolls accessible only by sea is the stuff of escapists' dreams.

We sail in the wake of Cook and Bougainville, harnessing the trade winds to transit the oceans, ensuring the best weather the whole year round. From May to November explore this untouched paradise with 10to 18 night voyages through the Pacific.

You can choose the thrill and challenge of a deep ocean voyage, with excitement of blue water sailing and moonlit passage. With total involvement in the ship there's time to master the rig, become confident aloft or learn something of ocean navigation.

Or you can take a more leisurely island voyage, day sailing through an idyllic cruising paradise, still participating but at whatever level you enjoy.

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Berth prices are inclusive of all meals, accommodation, snorkel gear, boats and safety equipment.

As travel wholesalers we can offer you air inclusive packages from Australia or the US to any of the South Pacific Islands.

In addition, we can package your above cruise with pre/post charter hotel accommodation throughout the South Pacific at very competitive rates, saving you time & money!

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Experience an unparalleled scuba diving and sailing adventure…

Samoa - Tonga - Fiji - Vanuatu - New Zealand

Discover island cultures – immerse in local customs

See the remote wilderness of the beautiful South Pacific Ocean…All from the vantage point of a 36 meter sailing expedition vessel.

This is NOT your regular cruise. This is a community based voyage for adventurous and active people of all ages and walks of life. If you enjoy sailing, love our living planet, and appreciate community and friendship then this is probably for you.

Highlights include:

- scuba diving and snorkeling
- sail and seamanship training
- surfing and other water sports 
- wilderness hiking and exploring 
- beach clean-ups and sunbathing
- relaxing yoga
- cooking and tasting delicious local food
- laughing and hanging out with newfound friend

Including Tahiti, Pitcairn Island, Tonga, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Australia, Fiji, and Vanuatu. 

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Set your own course, or ask your boat’s skipper to explore Tonga's secluded islands, lagoons, and safe anchorages in one the finest sailing destinations in the world. The Kingdom of Tonga’s professional yacht charter companies can cater to sailing fans of all levels of experience.

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