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14 Day Tahitian Cruise now includes Bora Bora – All Meals, Excursions and more… The Aranui is a mixed passenger/cargo

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Pitcairn Islands

Sailing Adventure Expeditions to Pitcairn Island aboard an expedition vessel, Pitcairn Island cruises, Pitcairn Island scuba diving, South Pacific surfing cruise, Pitcairn Island bird watching, sports fishing in the South Pacific, Henderson Island cruises, Gambier Islands cruising, diving the HMS Bounty and S/V Cornwallis shipwrecks, scuba diving. Want to visit Pitcairn Island? Don't miss this opportunity! Pitcairn Island is famous mostly as the last refuge of the Bounty. Mutineers led by Fletcher Christian, who settled there in 1790. Around 50 of the 65 permanent inhabitants today are direct descendents of the mutineers and their Tahitian wives. The Pitcairn Experience:

  • Pitcairn History
  • Scuba Diving
  • Surfing
  • Bird Watching
  • Sports Fishing
Book your entire Pitcairn holiday with us, saving you time & money! We are happy to package your international flights to Tahiti from Los Angeles or Australia, plus the domestic flight from Tahiti to Mangareva in the Gambier Islands to allow you to take the journeys of a lifetime.