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Diversity is the essence of this dazzling destination where the ruins of ancient civilizations mix with nightlife and modern marinas. A curious blend of old and new, today’s Turkey combines simplicity and sophistication. Although Turkey is still less expensive than most Mediterranean destinations, few others possess such a wealth of culture, history and intrigue. Enjoy delicious, exotic cuisine, meet the friendly locals and uncover hidden treasures in an Aladdin’s cave of bazaars where you can haggle for silver trinkets, spices and ‘kilim’ rugs.

Peak season is characterised by steady winds which alleviate the daily heat. July and August are most influenced by the local thermal winds which can pick up in the afternoons (generally blowing up from the northwest, tending to follow the coastline). Outside the peak months, the wind tends to be more gentle, with sea breezes during the day dropping to complete stillness in the evening.

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