THE KINGDOM OF TONGA- Hear the Song of the Whales

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Picture the romance and beauty of the South Pacific combined with the relaxed sailing conditions of the British Virgin Islands. 

It exists here, in a sailors' paradise like no other, in the idyllic island Kingdom of Tonga.

It's a brilliant blue expanse where 170 islands glitter to create a cruising ground with line-of-sight sailing, spectacular snorkelling and soft, unspoiled beaches.

Offshore, the deeper waters are a breeding refuge for humpback whales between July and November each year, creating songs that will echo in your memory for a lifetime.

These secluded islands are home to the most gentle and welcoming people on earth, a peaceful world known only to the world's most fortunate sailors.

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Set your own course, or ask your boat’s skipper to explore Tonga's secluded islands, lagoons, and safe anchorages in one the finest sailing destinations in the world. The Kingdom of Tonga’s professional yacht charter companies can cater to sailing...

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