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Pristine and even undived reefs are not difficult to find in Tonga since 125 of its islands are uninhabited.

The best diving is found in the central Ha'apai and northern Vava'u groups.

Port of Refuge in Vava'u is a deep sheltered harbour extending well into the inland.

Dive operators take visitors to currentless shallow dives in the harbour or to spectacular walls and reefs outside the entrance on the loaf shaped islands that herald the open ocean.

The 'Glen McWilliams' lies at the bottom of the harbour not far from the main wharf. Intact, upright and covered in marine life it is a spectacular introduction to wreck diving. Beds of yellow sea fans can be found at Tuangasika Island along with an extensive bommie coated with anemones and their associated clown fish.


Swim and dive with the planet's most mysterious and magical marine giants among remote and pristine coral atolls and reefs in the Kingdom of Tonga.

The 9-day trips begin in Tonga's capital city of Nuku'alofa and extend north into the untrammeled coral atoll wilderness of the Ha'apai Group, where the greatest number of humpback whale pods are found-- but almost no other boats, save the fishing canoes of villagers.

At least one and sometimes more dives are planned each day. Night dives are also a spectacular option on coral reefs.

This extremely spacious 120ft motor sailer yacht provides for 18 guests (maximum) in 9 staterooms, with all the creature comforts of a quality land-based resort- including hot showers and cool staterooms- but with superior diving and a new view every day!

There is a diver-savvy Fijian crew of 12 on board, and a roomy dive deck, complete with a dedicated dry camera and video room to suit the most discriminating photographers.

In places the reef wall is riddled with lobster filled caves, some containing air bubbles in the roof large enough to surface into, such as the one at Mariners Cave.

During winter and spring divers can be assured to at least hear, if not see, humpback whales that make the clear waters their calving and mating grounds from July to October each year.

Night diving is very special. Slipper lobsters abound, juvenile Lion Fish with their beautiful livery are found nestled in the coral, and the shy Flashlight Fish with their luminous light organ below the eye, drift about. 

The above vessels can be packaged together with our competitive airfares from Australia or the US to Tonga, as well as pre and/or post cruise hotel accommodation.

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Set your own course, or ask your boat’s skipper to explore Tonga's secluded islands, lagoons, and safe anchorages in one the finest sailing destinations in the world. The Kingdom of Tonga’s professional yacht charter companies can cater to sailing...

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